Houston We Have a Problem, M

Mayday, Mayday Site Down.

Today I have been waiting for a couple of hours, when I put the URL: https://www.vikingcodeschool.com I got the message “This site can’t be reached”

This site can't be reached

I taking time to clean home and get some home duties, but I hope this site is Up soon, I have been learning much from this site and the intensive program is getting closer.

I will review my notes from previous lessons, and learn more abut UX. also read about Ruby.

I think that this outage was due to a masive hack that happen to a company named: DYN, for more information google hack attack on October 21 2016 or check this link, Internet Outage.



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VIKINGCS SEC# 2 : 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13.

Today was a great day.

this parts of the course is helping to make the websites more user friendly, and improving  the user experience by implementing components of good UX, in this parts of the course we learn about the Viking approach to UX, the way we learn is to do some tear down of some websites, and learn using the Viking Bloger UX demo design, from there we learn how to learn good design to be implemented on the web.

When we create websites and web-apps we want people to use them, and regardless if  the back end code, if the UX = User Experience have too much friction, too long, confusing, or just plain bad, people will not use it.

So lest do a favor to our pages and make them User Friendly so they fulfill the purpose why their has bee created.

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VIKINGCS SEC# 2: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Good day

this is a very interesting part of the programming learning, I have not learn anything about how to code in the last 5 chapters, but do not under-estimate this knowledge, the teachings are to make better websites, because what would be the use of the best code and algorithms if the user interface is so hard and not friendly that no one use it.

this chapters are very important because very often I decide one site vs other just of the look of the site and not for the effectiveness of the engine making it run.

I want to Code great pages but I also want to make them user-friendly and very appealing to the public.

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VikingCS SEC# 1: 22,23,24.

Good Day

Today I finish 1/4 of the Prep-Work

It was great the practice on how to Contribute on GitHub.

If you think that you need to be a genius to be able to do some contributions is not real, sure there are other people with far more experience and knowledge, but if you continue to learn eventually you will be able to contribute in the community, basically the contributions are just some small fix that will help a large project to be better.

the exercise is great and I will redo it later just to get more experience and practice in on Git & GitHub.

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VikingCS SEC# 1: 19, 20, 21.

Sunday family day but, I make time to get to know more git.

Yesterday I face some challenges that took me long time to figure it out, bu today something happen, those problems look so small and insignificant, my experience has grow, I when ahead and work the git skills and now I do understand better what is git and I get why use the Terminal to Push & Pull the files, it saves time. this is just genius.

before I did not understand why the developer of GitHub did not create a simpler drag your files here and forget about using the Terminal in you P.C. after today study, I think that Git & GitHub is the way to go.

the Git Calisthenics was a good, I got the whole thing and I might just go an do them again just to cement the knowledge.

and one more thing, my speed at typing commands on the Terminal has increased.  And I start to love Linux Mint. (I still on the learning curve, I still have problems that make my studies slow, because suddenly I do not know how to do NOTHING) but if fun to learn all those things on Linux.

Time to go back to study to be accepted on the Viking Code School.

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Git –> GitHub & Google to the rescue

Today is Saturday and I have some family duties, but I did make time to study for the vikingcodeschool.

I kind of use Git & GitHub before…. in another note, no really I was able to open an account on GitHub and install Git on my Linux Mint, but nothing else, today I actually begin to Understand it.

I create a repository online and then I push some files to it from the Linux Terminal. sound easy… and it is, but as with most thinks in life before is easy is hard and you dont have an idea of what you are doing, especially when you have errors like:

fatal: ‘Test1’ does not appear to be a git repository
fatal: Could not read from remote repository.

Please make sure you have the correct access rights
and the repository exists.

OK what is this?  if you have this error is because the SSH Keys are not correctly set up, or in other words: your Git in your computer can not communicate with your GitHub on the internet.

OK, how to fix it? you need to add a new SSH key to your GitHub account then Git & GitHub should be able to communicate.

After that make sure to add the project to the Git remote:


The name of the repository that we want to change is: “test”   (Click to see it on my GitHub)

now we need to tell Git to communicate with this specific repository, and to do that in the Terminal we type: $ git remote add test https://github.com/Edxael/test

make sure that is added $ git remote -v

now you should be able to Push & Pull some files see is easy, and I know this because I GOOGLE the heck of this when nothing seems to work. thanks google, you are the programmers best friend. (at least mine)

See I told ya: Is easy, and I know this because I GOOGLE the heck of this when nothing seems to work and the frustration wanted to take over.

thankfully I had the recipe to fix it:

  • 1 cup of Hot Tea
  • A lot of time.
  • GOOGLE. (your best friend when nothing seems to work).



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vikingcodeschool Sec# 1: 14, 15, 16, 17, 18.

What a day,

www.vikingcodeschool.com there you can find the Prep Work, this will help yo to gain the skills for a Challenge (test) that the Admissions department will ask you to do in order to be admitted to the program, I research other code schools and in most of them, they take any warm body and teach that person some code skills, the vikingcodeschool is not like that, first in order to be accepted you need to be up to a level. I have my suspicions that this is one of the best code schools out there.

So I’m working to be ready to take the test and get accepted to the program.

When I read about the prep work they mention that will take few weeks to complete, and they were not kidding, just the prep work have me learn and get new skills, What a fun day was Today:

Section 1: Basics 

  • 14 – How the Web Works
  • 15 – A Comand Line Crash Course
  • 16 – Configure Your Command Line
  • 17 – Terms to Know
  • 18 – Installations

*Note: I did the previous 13 chapters just that I did not record the progress on this blog.

This is more that enough for one day of work. If you do it right and review all the materials, on top of that I just move to Linux after a life of Windows and this is fun but a challenge at the same time, basically I have to learn how to walk again on an O.S. but this time is easier because I knew what walk was on Windows O.S.

Ruby: on chapter 18 “Installations” you install Ruby on your computer and do a little project, well in the past I did all my previous programming with HTML, CSS, & JavaScript but today I start the beginning to a new skill that will complement the ones that I have this is “RUBY”, I do not understand 100% yet. but with the help of the Prep-Work, I was able to have my first project done, click the link to see a very basic program with Ruby, and Ruby on Rails: “Drinks”.

If you want to gain some serious skills go to the www.vikingcodeschool.com and change your life.

see you there.

p.s. but first we need to get accepted to the program so let’s do this Prep-Work.

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A Linux Mint – Day

What a day

When I start my studies today, I found that the developer environment was not working properly and to make things worse, Chromium was working at all, I got some work done with FireFox, but Chromium is my favorite browser, and this is a deal breaker, so after install and un-install chromium several times, and purge the system, and google the heck of the problem and not finding a solution well….

I move O.S. again this time is Linux Mint, this move was rally quick because the last two days I spend time learning about this environment, to my surprise, I was able to make my wireless earphones work and that is a mega plus, so I change my main computer to Linux Mint too.

now I use Linux Mint in my two most used computers so I will let you know how this plays, but overall I fee exited to leave Windows after many years, and I like the way that Linux Mint works and feel, well time to learn Linux,

after a time with more configuration, I was able to work the Bash part for the Prep-Work. and now I’m getting the hang of it, and I actually like Linux Mint more that the other two O.S. Ubuntu that I use the prior two days.

when doing the change of this computers I even have to change the cables form the PC to the first and second monitors for each computer, because I was having a small problem with the way that Synergy was working. but now is fix and works like a charm, Im expecting to get much work done tomorrow with both computers set up with the tools that I need.

time to rest for today.

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Another L-Ubuntu Day.

Well yesterday I used the bulk of the day moving the O.S. of the computer that I will use for programing from Windows 10 to Ubuntu 16.04.

But surprise, surprise: the new OS is not performing the way that it supposed, and take a long part of the day with this problem, after long research I found that the problem belongs on the architecture of the hardware, so the search for another O.S. begin

To make matters worse this new O.S. needs to fit on a computer array that I use with Synergy, and I need to be able to install some basic software that I need, the answer came with another version of the same O.S. LUbuntu

After few hours: the dual monitors, Synergy, Dropbox, Chromium, Sublime text, etc. where all working just fine.

The bad news is that this new migration took all day and I was not able to study much about programing,

In the other side my knowledge about Linux base O.S. have just exploded, this do not make me an expert just yet, but I’m entertaining the Idea to change all my computers to L.Ubuntu, but there is some software that I have not been able to make functional on Lubuntu yet.

Tomorrow I must continue with the Prep-Work for the Viking School.

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An Ubuntu day

I’m working on the prep work for the Viking Code School

On an email to Erik (Founder) he advise me to move from windows to Ubuntu, and today I change the computer that I use mainly for Coding to Ubuntu, this task include to navigate my way on anew environment, and I’m planning to continue the prep work using this arrangement, this means that I will have to learn to do all things that I do currently in Microsoft Windows OS.


This include many tools like:

  • Dropbox
  • Sublime Text
  • Google Chrome
  • Git
  • Synergy
  • And many more.


Most people with experience on the industry might see the usage of the console in Ubuntu like not a big deal, but for someone that has use windows exclusively, well this looks very new.

The Ubuntu 16.04 LTS is now installed along with Dropbox, Sublime, Synergy, Git, etc.

For me the greatest shock is that is slow, I was expecting something faster that windows 10, but for a fresh installation, actually I reformat the whole computer and re-install Ubuntu a second time without the 3rd party software, just the O.S. updates, and after that, was a little faster but not what I was expecting.

Well now is time to get to do the prep work for the Viking school in the Command Line.

But that is for tomorrow and that is another history.

Happy coding.

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How this Blog works

There are several areas that you need to improve in your life, like, family, spiritual, social, and the list goes on and on, I have the blessing and responsibility to have a family, this require duties, you might not have kids, spouse, or family like me, but you might belong to a school, sports team, music band, religious or social group, etc. and in some way this is your family. This is a blessing and a responsibility.

In my life I will devote time to fulfill my duties as a member of my family and other groups that I belong, but I will try to not mention much here in this blog, this space is reserved to 3 specific areas:

  • Health / Fitness
  • Growth/ Learning
  • Programming


Lest review them:

Health / Fitness:

Programming require you to have a healthy body? Well not necessarily but I think that a healthy body can help to have a better and sharper mind, improve concentration, and those are really a need when it comes to programming, also it can help your self-esteem, and believe me you need a strong one when your code do not work and you have not idea “Why”, on top of that: is late, you are tired and the due time is around the corner.


Growth/ Learning

This area belongs to book and knowledge not related to programming, this would be like business books, biographies of great people, videos and literature that can help you to understand life from another angle, and study how other people conquer their own challenges in life, I know this is not programming but it will help you to understand the world and the problems that we have as society, because as much as we love software, it would be useless without a problem to fix.



This will be the bulk of the content on this blog, this is the meat of the blog, and also the bread and butter, this is the main topic to learn and master.


The way that I’m planning to produce content for this blog is as follow:

Daily Log:

This is a small post with information of what I learn today

This will be a small log with information of what happen on this day, some days will be short, and some others you will find more information, reflections, and Ideas.

  • Health / Fitness
  • Growth/ Learning
  • Programming

This might look like a journal.


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The modern literacy.

Long time ago, people live their lives without knowing how to read, write or do basic math, back in those days if you need to send a letter you go to a special place where you hire a highly educated person to write a letter for you, then you send it, if this person receiving the letter, do not know how to read, this person, need to hire the services of another highly educated person to read it.

There was a similar need for highly educated people for basic math needs.

In today’s world we take this skill of writing and reading for granted, but Imagine how we would be as a society if we didn’t have this skills?

Now that you know how to write and read, how these skills have helped your life?

There is a new skill that has the power to help us to make a better world for all of us, this skill is coding.

I knew computers existed many years ago, but id did not realize the big role that will play in our lives. now I’m in a stage in my life with a family and responsibilities, but I do believe that I should set apart some time to learn the modern literacy of Coding.

Programming is an exciting challenge with great potential. and here is the place where I will be posting my Ideas and new knowledge.

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