A Linux Mint – Day

What a day

When I start my studies today, I found that the developer environment was not working properly and to make things worse, Chromium was working at all, I got some work done with FireFox, but Chromium is my favorite browser, and this is a deal breaker, so after install and un-install chromium several times, and purge the system, and google the heck of the problem and not finding a solution well….

I move O.S. again this time is Linux Mint, this move was rally quick because the last two days I spend time learning about this environment, to my surprise, I was able to make my wireless earphones work and that is a mega plus, so I change my main computer to Linux Mint too.

now I use Linux Mint in my two most used computers so I will let you know how this plays, but overall I fee exited to leave Windows after many years, and I like the way that Linux Mint works and feel, well time to learn Linux,

after a time with more configuration, I was able to work the Bash part for the Prep-Work. and now I’m getting the hang of it, and I actually like Linux Mint more that the other two O.S. Ubuntu that I use the prior two days.

when doing the change of this computers I even have to change the cables form the PC to the first and second monitors for each computer, because I was having a small problem with the way that Synergy was working. but now is fix and works like a charm, Im expecting to get much work done tomorrow with both computers set up with the tools that I need.

time to rest for today.

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Posted October 13, 2016 by Edmundo in category "Daily