Another L-Ubuntu Day.

Well yesterday I used the bulk of the day moving the O.S. of the computer that I will use for programing from Windows 10 to Ubuntu 16.04.

But surprise, surprise: the new OS is not performing the way that it supposed, and take a long part of the day with this problem, after long research I found that the problem belongs on the architecture of the hardware, so the search for another O.S. begin

To make matters worse this new O.S. needs to fit on a computer array that I use with Synergy, and I need to be able to install some basic software that I need, the answer came with another version of the same O.S. LUbuntu

After few hours: the dual monitors, Synergy, Dropbox, Chromium, Sublime text, etc. where all working just fine.

The bad news is that this new migration took all day and I was not able to study much about programing,

In the other side my knowledge about Linux base O.S. have just exploded, this do not make me an expert just yet, but I’m entertaining the Idea to change all my computers to L.Ubuntu, but there is some software that I have not been able to make functional on Lubuntu yet.

Tomorrow I must continue with the Prep-Work for the Viking School.

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Posted October 12, 2016 by Edmundo in category "Daily