Atom Tex-Editor

Install: Atom + Packages

Installing Athom: Link

if interested on Atom

Lay Out 2 Columns:  link1 , link2 , link3

Emmet: Link1 , Link2 , Link3

Other Plug-Ins: link1

File Type Icons: Link1 ,  link2

To Open HTML in Browser

Install: open-html-in-browser pakage

List of Packages that I use in Atom.

Atom Tutorials: Manual

Go to: Edit / Preferences  then: click Install:  search and install:

  • atom-runner
  • atom-save-all  // will save changes in all documents open in tabs. overwrite Ctrl + S
  • auto-indent
  • color-picker
  • emmet-atom
  • file-icons
  • javascrip-snipets  // Disabled for now
  • autocomplete-css
  • autocomplete-html
  • autocomplete-plus  // this needs autocomplete-snipets
  • autocomplete-snippets // this needs autocomplete-plus
  • jshint
  • linter-jscs

when I activate the package “react” I got a message of a conflict, with the package “language-babel” it requires to disable one or the other, I will disable “language-babel” to see if I can get the Auto-Complete feature that the package “react” offers.

Now on the same window click the tab: Packages

go to the settings of atom-runner, scroll to CONFIGURING there select and copy the following text:

now go to: Edit / config…

and at the end of the file paste the text, (with NO Indentation), now ( Ctrl + S ) to save it

now to test it: create a file and save it with extension “.py” , on that file write:

to run it press: (Alt + R)

to do this I use this: video


To split screen: Ctrl + Shift + P.    link

To open other files on Project: Ctrlthen write the name of the file and press enter.

To go to a specific line: Ctrl + G

To select and (or) replace all the instances of a word: Ctrl + F

To find the next occurrence of a word: Ctrl + D  repeat until you select all the instances desired, and then you can change them.

To open Atom from the Terminal: ” atom .

Installing PIP3

To install I type the following commands in the terminal.

Installing Flask

To install Flask, get to the local working directory of the project and:

Find and Replace

This is really useful when you have a variable that repeat several times in the code and you want to change the name in all the ocurrances at once:

  • Ctrl+F – Search within a buffer
  • Ctrl+Shift+F – Search the entire project

for more information use this link:  Find and Replace


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