Consepts & Definitions

Here we will create a little place were I will be posting, new, interesting, challenging, important, etc…  Consepts and Definitions of React:

  • React Components – re-usable and independent pieces of React code that comprise the User Interface.
  • ES6 importing and exporting – a new syntax for sharing code between separate files. Used in cases like import React from ‘react’
  • State – the pertinent data to an application. Each component has its local state as long as you declare add the constructor to a Component and declare its state object.
  • Updating State – When updating state, make sure to never mutate state directly. Doing so will lead to fatal errors in your application. Instead, re-declare new instances of state arrays or objects and use the setState() function to update state.
  • Props – similar to state, except this data inherits from parent component specifying pieces of state as properties.
  • LifeCycle Methods – events in React components that trigger in cases such as rendering on or off the screen, or during state updates. One example is the componentDidMount() lifeCycle hook.

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Posted March 4, 2017 by Edmundo in category "React