Documentation for Web-Dev volunteer instructors:

Here you will find information about the role of an Instructor and a T.A. also an explanation about the class details.


When do the classes are taught?
Almost every Saturday (No class on holidays for more details see schedule)

where is the class Location?
Refugee Services Office
Utah Department of Workforce Services
250 W 3900 S
Salt Lake City, UT 84111
Map Location: LINK
The classes are in: Building “B”

How can I become a volunteer?
First, fill the information on this LINK form, we will contact you and provide you with your Log-in Credentials to the teaching site:

When is my turn to teach:
Here is the link to the schedule where you can see what days are open and you can add your name.

Can I assist to classes when I’m not teaching the class?
Yes, you can assist to all the classes every Saturday, and support the class as T.A.

How can I prepare when is my turn to teach:
Use your Log-In credentials to review the class a couple of days before Saturday, in the portal: LINK
There you will find the topic and content material that you will teach.

Where can I get help if I have questions about the class material?
Ask the other instructors in the Slack Channels or email administrators.

How much can I deviate from the content on the class-portal?
When is your turn to teach you can use your own examples and material as long as you teach the intended topic for that class.

What can I do if I can not teach the day that is my turn?
Contact the Administrators, and let them know
If possible, contact other volunteer and ask her/him to teach.

Can I take more time to teach my class?
No, the students and other staff members have other duties and responsibilities.
Start and End the class on time.

Video Training:

For video training in how to use the site as User and Admin see the following video.

Note: you only need to see the first 11 minutes.



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