HTML Basics


Cheat Sheets:

w3schools  –  Simplehtmlguide  –  Mega  –  Quackit  –  Emmet  – TIZAG

Block Elements: Create a new line.     examples: <p>, <h1>, <form>, <div>, etc..  tags

Line Elements: Do NOT create new lines.    examples: <a>, <strong>, <input/>, <span>, etc… tags

Singleton Tags: No closing Tags. (AKA) void elements.   examples: <img>, <hr>, <br>, <command>

Spaces and Images


Image Place-Holder

The site where this came is:    and the code is:

List of Sites with Free Images:

  5. Article with resources

Enjoy the use of this images on your Apps and Web-Sites.


Create Online Custom Text Images / Logos

This site provides free service to creation of Logos / Images:

Online Free Logo Creator

Now if you need  FREE LOGO here is a great resource

“figure” with “figcaption”



More about forms Udemi: HTML Complete Course – Beginner to Expert: Sections: 4 – Lecture: 19.

HTML-5 Inputs

In this we will bu using the for=”name1″ in the label, and when the user click the label the cursor will be ready to type on the input box. The placeholder=”abcd” is the default text.

HTML Entities

HTML Entity List

Embed Video using “IFRAMES”

Many ways to embed videos, here is one way: in You-Tube, in the bottom of the video click “share” then “Embed”, copy the link and past it on the HTML file, you will get something like:

Another way to embed video would be using the <video> tag,

IFRAME Embedded websites.

Audio Embedding

“div”  &  “span”

This are containers that help to divide the page and give a easier styling. this will be explain in-depth in CSS.



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