Git –> GitHub & Google to the rescue

Today is Saturday and I have some family duties, but I did make time to study for the vikingcodeschool.

I kind of use Git & GitHub before…. in another note, no really I was able to open an account on GitHub and install Git on my Linux Mint, but nothing else, today I actually begin to Understand it.

I create a repository online and then I push some files to it from the Linux Terminal. sound easy… and it is, but as with most thinks in life before is easy is hard and you dont have an idea of what you are doing, especially when you have errors like:

fatal: ‘Test1’ does not appear to be a git repository
fatal: Could not read from remote repository.

Please make sure you have the correct access rights
and the repository exists.

OK what is this?  if you have this error is because the SSH Keys are not correctly set up, or in other words: your Git in your computer can not communicate with your GitHub on the internet.

OK, how to fix it? you need to add a new SSH key to your GitHub account then Git & GitHub should be able to communicate.

After that make sure to add the project to the Git remote:


The name of the repository that we want to change is: “test”   (Click to see it on my GitHub)

now we need to tell Git to communicate with this specific repository, and to do that in the Terminal we type: $ git remote add test

make sure that is added $ git remote -v

now you should be able to Push & Pull some files see is easy, and I know this because I GOOGLE the heck of this when nothing seems to work. thanks google, you are the programmers best friend. (at least mine)

See I told ya: Is easy, and I know this because I GOOGLE the heck of this when nothing seems to work and the frustration wanted to take over.

thankfully I had the recipe to fix it:

  • 1 cup of Hot Tea
  • A lot of time.
  • GOOGLE. (your best friend when nothing seems to work).



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