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I did another post with information about hash, I will put all the information found on the previous post plus more.

The same way that I mention on the previous, post of other elements of Ruby, Hash have also superpowers (A.K.A. Methods) on this post we will show some of this methods, for a more complete list of the methods follow the Ruby Iron-man Link below and  this 2nd-Link

Create a Hash

From “Array” to “Hash”

Array to Hash: Letter = Keys,   ASCII = Values

“Underworld” Form array to Hash and print organized

From 2 arrays to 1 HASH

Access data in a Hash.

Change(overwrite) data in a Hash

Add new data to Hash

Delete info in a Hash

Delete All Data of Hash


Join two Hashes

“.values”    &   “.keys”

“.key?”   &   “.value?”

Printing all the information of a Hash

”  ==  ”  to compare hash






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