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There are several areas that you need to improve in your life, like, family, spiritual, social, and the list goes on and on, I have the blessing and responsibility to have a family, this require duties, you might not have kids, spouse, or family like me, but you might belong to a school, sports team, music band, religious or social group, etc. and in some way this is your family. This is a blessing and a responsibility.

In my life I will devote time to fulfill my duties as a member of my family and other groups that I belong, but I will try to not mention much here in this blog, this space is reserved to 3 specific areas:

  • Health / Fitness
  • Growth/ Learning
  • Programming


Lest review them:

Health / Fitness:

Programming require you to have a healthy body? Well not necessarily but I think that a healthy body can help to have a better and sharper mind, improve concentration, and those are really a need when it comes to programming, also it can help your self-esteem, and believe me you need a strong one when your code do not work and you have not idea “Why”, on top of that: is late, you are tired and the due time is around the corner.


Growth/ Learning

This area belongs to book and knowledge not related to programming, this would be like business books, biographies of great people, videos and literature that can help you to understand life from another angle, and study how other people conquer their own challenges in life, I know this is not programming but it will help you to understand the world and the problems that we have as society, because as much as we love software, it would be useless without a problem to fix.



This will be the bulk of the content on this blog, this is the meat of the blog, and also the bread and butter, this is the main topic to learn and master.


The way that I’m planning to produce content for this blog is as follow:

Daily Log:

This is a small post with information of what I learn today

This will be a small log with information of what happen on this day, some days will be short, and some others you will find more information, reflections, and Ideas.

  • Health / Fitness
  • Growth/ Learning
  • Programming

This might look like a journal.


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