INIT: “Create-React-App” — Bare Bones

Hello here I will provide instructions in how to set up a basic bare-bones: Create-React-App  Template, this is the basic foundation for creating an application.

00 – Installing the Create-React-App  Library.

In case you don’t have installed the “Create-React-App” Pre-Build-Enviroment configuration library follow this: Link  There follow the instructions under the title: Installing:  Create-React-App.

01 – Initialization of Project:

On the Terminal: CD… to the Directory, where you want to create the React.js Application.

After testing and knowing all works, next DELETE the content of the “src” directory.  and create fresh new files on its place:

  • index.html  
  • index.js  
  • 01-Comp.jsx  
  • style.css

02 – Boiler-Plate Code:

Code to be placed on the Files to Link them and get them ready for DEVELOPMENT:

And this template is ready for a good Hack. ;-).


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