Learning JavaScript

We talk before why it would be a great idea to learn JavaScript, now on this post we will start the process to learn JavaScript, on this part of the class we will use several resources from the internet. to learn JavaScript and know how to create more complex and awesome JavaScript Applications.

The following is a list of the projects that we will create once we know basic JavaScript.

  1. Singer website & Upload to internet
  2. Add two number using JavaScript
  3. Basic Portfolio Website
  4. Temperature Converter
  5. Image Resize Calculator
  6. Fizz – Buzz
  7. Basic Calculator (eval.)
  8. Keyboard Piano
  9. Wedding Guest Book
  10. To-Do List
  11. Pong (The Game)


Before we move forward and do this projects we should learn the basics of JavaScript, and that is what we will be learning in the following classes.


On your personal learning you should use whatever resource that is best for you, here is a list of some of the resources that we advice:


Tex Editor
Atom: Link
Reference Sites:
Mozilla Developer Network: Link
DevDocs.io (JavaScript): Link
Tutorials Point (JavaScript): Link
The Modern JavaScript Tutorial: Link
JavaScript homework and exercises: 
CodeWars.com: Link
For text editor we should use Atom + Chrome, or the CodeWars interface, but if you want to use an online compiler my choice is REPL here is the: LINK


PDF to Read-1:   DONWLOAD




PDF to Read-2:    DONWLOAD



I will create videos with all this information latter, for now I will share the already created videos on one YouTuber:

01 – JavaScript – The Basics.


02 – ES6 JavaScript – The Basics


Finally do not forget to practice using CodeWars.com


  1. Opposite Number: Link
  2. String Repeat: Link
  3. Find Multiples of a Number: Link
  4. Pole Vault Starting Marks: Link
  5. Unfinished Loop: Link


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