Set up local web server on Linux



Instructions in: Apache2  –  Linux-instructions  –  MDN

On the Terminal go to: /etc/apache2/sites-available and make a copy of the file 000-default.conf

then edit the file mysite.conf  if questions in how to use:  GEDIT Tutorial

Installing XAMPP

Download XAMPP: Link

link with instructions in how to install and Use: Link

On the visual interface go to the Directory with the Downloaded file:

right click / Properties / Permisions  (Click  “Allow executing file as program”)

In the terminal, CD to the folder with the executable then:

and the installation will begin.

  • – How to start XAMP

How open the Graphical Interface:

And this is what you should see:




The installation proof index.html is located:  ~/var/www  in the browser:

To install the default LAMP stack:  Link 

Start, Stop, Restart: Link1

To start Apache 2 web server, enter:





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