Singers & Movies: Profiles

This is a basic project were we create one component and reused several times for different profiles of singers.

Code & Pictures can be found in this: REPO


for more details see the repo.



Array of Objects – Iteration with React.js

Here is another way to create the same profile, but this time the data is provided from an Array of Objects.

For more details here is the REPOSITORY

In this case what happen is that in the file: “index.js” we have an Array of Objects with the data and pic-url of each singer, then we pass the array as props to the component “Profile.jsx” and we create each profile dinamically using “.map(…)” and reusing a single profile template.

apps created using create-react-app.



Movies Profile

This is is another way to build dynamic profile elements with and Array of Object passed from the parent element via the props.

To play with this code you can download it from this REPOSITORY.

To see the differences see the code below

for a better understanding get the code from GitHub and play with it in the computer.


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