The modern literacy.

Long time ago, people live their lives without knowing how to read, write or do basic math, back in those days if you need to send a letter you go to a special place where you hire a highly educated person to write a letter for you, then you send it, if this person receiving the letter, do not know how to read, this person, need to hire the services of another highly educated person to read it.

There was a similar need for highly educated people for basic math needs.

In today’s world we take this skill of writing and reading for granted, but Imagine how we would be as a society if we didn’t have this skills?

Now that you know how to write and read, how these skills have helped your life?

There is a new skill that has the power to help us to make a better world for all of us, this skill is coding.

I knew computers existed many years ago, but id did not realize the big role that will play in our lives. now I’m in a stage in my life with a family and responsibilities, but I do believe that I should set apart some time to learn the modern literacy of Coding.

Programming is an exciting challenge with great potential. and here is the place where I will be posting my Ideas and new knowledge.

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