vikingcodeschool Sec# 1: 14, 15, 16, 17, 18.

What a day, there you can find the Prep Work, this will help yo to gain the skills for a Challenge (test) that the Admissions department will ask you to do in order to be admitted to the program, I research other code schools and in most of them, they take any warm body and teach that person some code skills, the vikingcodeschool is not like that, first in order to be accepted you need to be up to a level. I have my suspicions that this is one of the best code schools out there.

So I’m working to be ready to take the test and get accepted to the program.

When I read about the prep work they mention that will take few weeks to complete, and they were not kidding, just the prep work have me learn and get new skills, What a fun day was Today:

Section 1: Basics 

  • 14 – How the Web Works
  • 15 – A Comand Line Crash Course
  • 16 – Configure Your Command Line
  • 17 – Terms to Know
  • 18 – Installations

*Note: I did the previous 13 chapters just that I did not record the progress on this blog.

This is more that enough for one day of work. If you do it right and review all the materials, on top of that I just move to Linux after a life of Windows and this is fun but a challenge at the same time, basically I have to learn how to walk again on an O.S. but this time is easier because I knew what walk was on Windows O.S.

Ruby: on chapter 18 “Installations” you install Ruby on your computer and do a little project, well in the past I did all my previous programming with HTML, CSS, & JavaScript but today I start the beginning to a new skill that will complement the ones that I have this is “RUBY”, I do not understand 100% yet. but with the help of the Prep-Work, I was able to have my first project done, click the link to see a very basic program with Ruby, and Ruby on Rails: “Drinks”.

If you want to gain some serious skills go to the and change your life.

see you there.

p.s. but first we need to get accepted to the program so let’s do this Prep-Work.

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