VikingCS SEC# 1: 19, 20, 21.

Sunday family day but, I make time to get to know more git.

Yesterday I face some challenges that took me long time to figure it out, bu today something happen, those problems look so small and insignificant, my experience has grow, I when ahead and work the git skills and now I do understand better what is git and I get why use the Terminal to Push & Pull the files, it saves time. this is just genius.

before I did not understand why the developer of GitHub did not create a simpler drag your files here and forget about using the Terminal in you P.C. after today study, I think that Git & GitHub is the way to go.

the Git Calisthenics was a good, I got the whole thing and I might just go an do them again just to cement the knowledge.

and one more thing, my speed at typing commands on the Terminal has increased.  And I start to love Linux Mint. (I still on the learning curve, I still have problems that make my studies slow, because suddenly I do not know how to do NOTHING) but if fun to learn all those things on Linux.

Time to go back to study to be accepted on the Viking Code School.

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