VIKINGCS SEC# 2 : 24, 25, 26, 27.

This section was a little hard at the begging, before I always use powerpoint to do my Mock-Ups but I follow the instruction of using Balsamiq, and I start with the online test, I did not know that I had just one hour before the software would destroy my work, and after a full hour of productive work the page blink and automatically delete all the work I had done, immediately after realizing what just happen, the reasons and implications of the event, I immediately sing up for a trial version and begin from square one.

after a little time with the learning curve, I found the balsamic tool really good, for instance when I do mockups on PowerPoint I take a long time to come up with the images and icons that will be used, but Balsamiq has them right there.

after that, I finish the final project and deliver it via Git. (what a great tool.)

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