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From codewars.com by Edxael  (that’s me)

Given two arrays of strings a1 and a2 return a sorted array r in lexicographical order of the strings of a1 which are substrings of strings of a2.

Example 1:

a1 = ["arp", "live", "strong"]

a2 = ["lively", "alive", "harp", "sharp", "armstrong"]

returns ["arp", "live", "strong"]

Example 2:

a1 = ["tarp", "mice", "bull"]

a2 = ["lively", "alive", "harp", "sharp", "armstrong"]

returns []


Arrays are written in “general” notation. See “Your Test Cases” for examples in your language.

Beware: r must be without duplicates.

Note:  The following code is not written by me, it was created by another user of codewars.com it belongs to the user: “colbydauph” enjoy.


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