Why Learn JavaScript & CodeWars

In Web-Development there is an area that enables the website to interact with the user, and transform it from a static website that presents information, to a dynamic website that can interact with the user and provide a service by executing a series of commands that will process data and give an answer to specific questions.

The firs video will show how JavaScript can take a static website and make it dynamic.

The second video will teach how to open an account to CodeWars.com and how to use it.

why should I use JavaScript:


Introduction to CodeWars:

There are more reason to learn JavaScript this are just some of those. to learn more about JavaScript see my notes: Link

Here are some of the most basic problems ready for you to solve them:

  1. Calculate Averages: Link
  2. Basic Matematical Operators: Link
  3. Reversing Words In a String: Link
  4. Pre-Fizz-Buzz: Link
  5. Keep Up the Hoop: Link
  6. Even of Odd: Link

Now you are ready for more complex Katas, go: “May the Code be with You


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